Friday, March 25, 2011

Inspiration: A Need for Florals

I hate to admit it, but it's really quite obvious. I'm a sucker for floral prints, and flowers in general. Since I have sever spring fever, my floral lust is in high gear. The sun is shining, the birds are starting to chirp, now please just show me some flowers!  Since they're starting to bloom,  I'll fill my blog with some to celebrate. I hope you enjoy!

The above are all floral print details from lovely, springy items available now in Birds Chasing Bugs.
And here are some photos I've taken, paired with some other lovely items from the shop.

A sprig of forsythia.  This photo was snapped by yours truly last spring.  

The forsythia reminds me a bit of this adorable handmade dress in my shop right now! 

Floral Pussy Bow Blouse featuring pale pansies - Available here

And that little blouse share a palette with this floral-inspired watercolor I painted a couple of summers ago.  Why don't I do this anymore?!  Must get back to the easel!

I snapped this photo in an orchid shop on the Seine when I travelled to Paris a couple of years ago.  I'm still obsessed with this picture!  It hangs on my fridge to this day.  

This cute little swing skirt has the same rich pink as those orchids!  It can be yours if you click here

As far as spring goes, we're still not out of the proverbial woods yet.  Break out your sweaters, folks!  

These are daffodil shoots, and that means that, yes, this is a TINY turtle.  He was about the size of a silver dollar.

And I'll leave you with a few of my favorite photos from the IU Greenhouse, which is a winter haven! 


  1. So springy! I love all the floral, and leafy inspired prints. Very cool Love the blog :)

    Courtney xoxo

  2. These spring photos are so refreshing. Hurry, spring, hurry!


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