Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fun with Flora`

It's what I like to refer to as "crunch time" around my house. I just got a new job (yay!) working part-time at a little florist shop, we finally put in the flower garden that I've been dreaming of at home, and it's gardening season at the winery. I've literally been up to my elbows in flora this whole week! (You can see that I've got flowers on the brain just by looking at the recent selections for the shop.) On top of the busy gardening season, I have an art show coming up in just over a week. I literally don't have any paintings completed yet. Eep! To do some research, I took a trip to the university greenhouse last weekend. What a hot and sweaty day! Without further adieu, here are some photos I've been snapping both around the house and at the greenhouse. I'll have to take some photos of Peppertree and the Oliver gardens for future photo blog randezvous.

These first beauties are from the greenhouse. 

These next few are from my new flower bed.  They got a fresh layer of mulch today, which has really made the flowers pop.  I'm so excited about looking at my new flowers, especially the dahlias. 

Columbine.  this trooper was actually planted late last fall as a dried up stub.  it's back in full beauty! 

Cannas.  A gift from our gardener at work.

Irish moss.  So beautiful and lush, with those cute, tiny white flowers.

Coral bells, another trooper from last fall. 

Almost a dahlia. 


Well, ttfn.  I promise to come back soon with more beautiful photos of flora, vintage, and even some paintings. 



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