Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hat Lingo - The Fedora vs The Trilby

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Ah, the fedora. What a lovely, classic piece. I envy people who can roll out of bed, throw on a fedora, and a v-neck tee and *voila* they're stylin'. Cocked at an angle, the fedora is the ultimate gesture of cool. There has been a recent resurgence of this easy-chic classic, but along with it has come a similarly sleek hat with an even cooler profile, the Trilby. While reseraching for this post, I was shocked to discover that what I considered the best shape of fedora, with the super-sleek, narrow brim, was actually not a fedora at all!

The trilby hat is characterized by the upturned brim at the back. You can purchase this particular sweet trilby for yourself for under $20, a true deal! It is available at sixcatsfunVINTAGE , a new Etsy store run by an experienced vintage seller. Another characteristic of the trilby is that the top of it is more a teardrop shape than an oval.

A fedora is a little more like this:

It's a little difficult to tell, but this hat is a bit more rounded on the top, but in front and back. Also, notice that the brim is not upturned in the back. The brim is also a bit wider. Still very sleek. This hat is also available for your purchasing pleasure! You can purchase this fedora at moxiethrift, an established Etsy store with some amazing mid-century housewares.

Fedoras were popular from the 1920s to the 1960s, and ebbed with the rising favor of the skinny tie. It was all a matter of balance and proportion, and when the wide ties went, so did the brims. Historically, this fashion has been reserved for men, but who cares. This is 2010. Go ahead, ladies. Wear your fedoras (or your trilbies) with your loveliest dress or your v-neck tee.

You can even learn how to crochet your own with this vintage-inspired e-tutorial from babydee.

Hats off to you,


  1. All these years, I thought I loved fedoras. Now, I've realized that I kind of dislike fedoras. Trilbies are where it's at! My whole life is a sham!

    Kara of Carnivorous Deer

  2. Um, tell me about it.... This was actually a strangely sobering post. But here's to knowing obnoxious hat words!


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