Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The germs are catching on.

If you haven't visited my new shop, Of A Feather Illustrate, yet, you should.  It's small, but populated by an exciting collection of goodies!  This shop has become the home of both my illustrated, upcycled silks line and my teeny tiny petri dish paintings.  Over the past few days, my petri dishes have become a strange and exciting way to re-connect with old friends!  7 of them have a new home, and in honor of my first sales from this shop, I thought I'd give a quick shout-out on the blog. 
The one on the left has a bit of popcorn in it.  I found that little orangey kernel at the spot where I settled down for the day.  Something tells me it's going to remain well-preserved.

This little collection, each of which are a little smaller than a lens cap, was born at the Big Car Gallery Masterpiece in a Day competition.  Much to my pleasant surprise, I went home with an honorable mention and 18 fabulous little paintings.  I don't think I had a prouder day in all of 2010.  Cheers to newest infection, tiny make-believe germs!

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