Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Art Nouveau and Vintage Photographs

Nothing says spring to me like the soft color palettes and fluid lines of Alfonse Mucha.  The organic forms remind me that my favorite flowers will once again bloom.

While I probably wouldn't take advantage of the option to fashion a wreath of dogwood blossoms, I sure would like to have the option right now. 

Even this wintery gal can show a bit of skin.  Her winter must be warmer than the one we're having here in Indiana. 

I'm in love with this color scheme!  That not-quite-poppy red of the foxglove blooms is so rich. 

Princezna Hyacint is the chilliest looking of them all.  If I had snowflakes like that, I might change my mind about winter. 

I simply fell in love with this set of drawings.  I would love to own that hairpin!  Isn't it beautiful?  

all Alfonse Mucha Images via http://www.muchafoundation.org

Today I added a couple of vintage photographs to BirdsChasingBugs. What drew me to these was the fact that, well, they're pretty cool prints, but they're also some pretty handsome guys.  I think that the photos are some sort of silver print, but I'm not too knowledgeable about the history of photographic prints.  If you know anything about vintage photos, please share your knowledge in the comments section!  Once I got these gentlemen home, however, I noticed some nice little details that remind me of the Alfonse Mucha designs.  These little art nouveau embossed are the icing on the cake!  

I hope you find these images as refreshing as I do!


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