Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hypothetical Vacation: Greece

Soooooo...   an extravagant vacation isn't really in my plans for the near future, so I thought I'd have a little fun and plan for a hypothetical vacation. I think I'll go to Greece.

Images via Wikimedia Commons

As a gal with an art history degree, of course I'll be checking out the Acropolis, and then like any self-respecting western  vacationer,  I'll be hitting the beach.

So here's what is in my virtual suitcase....

an awesome find from A Wild Tonic 

I would feel pretty fabulous in this divine Minty Grecian Maxi Dress available here

Caramel Wedges from my own shop!
Absolutely stunning midcentury swimsuit from LadyHogg (love the shop name!)

....and the suitcase itself
A pair of vintage Samsonite cases from AMRadio
And of course I'll be bringing back a few souvenirs!  How could I not?
Fantastic Souvenir bracelet from Chez Vous
Amazing Copper Illustrated Plate 

Don't worry, I won't forget to send you a postcard ;)

Great Greek postcards from Six Toes Innovations. 

But one fun fact before I go!
The lady on the right is a Minoan fertility sculpture.  The Minoan civilization was one of the earliest fashion-forward societies, but their fashion sense was destroyed with the mysterious the Minoan's mysterious fall.  None of the ancient world benefited from their tailoring skills, and Rome was doomed to draped togas! And that snake goddess, she's wearing a drindl.

Boom!  Art history skillz.  See ya back in the states tomorrow morning, when many new fabulous items will be added to the shop.



  1. Great fun, this hypothetical vacation...makes me want to tag along.

  2. as long as you pack your own virtual suitcase!

  3. I dream of a Grecian Vacay, too! Thanks for sharing a link to my bathing suit.
    Your site is adorable and I love the name too!

  4. LOVE this post. A trip to Greece has been a dream of mine for a while. Excellent choices! :)


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