Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pony Up: the love of a sweater transforms into crazy antics

This blog post WAS going to be about how in love I am with my new sweater.  Turns out it's going to be a bit more woeful than I originally intended.  So, please pardon me while Birds Chasing Bugs goes a bit emo for today.

What's up with the vintagey photo editing, you ask?  Oh, well, we'll talk about that a bit later.  

1)  Less than an hour after taking these photos, I'm pretty sure I ruined that dress.  It's a beauty!  (or was)  I found it at a recent trip to Value World.  100% silk, 100% eighties, and although the tag says size 8, it fits my large frame nicely.  I WAS excited about wearing this summer, as silk is just oh-so-nice on an extra-humid day.

The disaster:  I took a quick trip to my local ReStore.  Fun, right?  Well, it's about 50% awesome, 50% not so awesome.  I think I'll break it down in bullet-point for you.

  • I scored a bag full of vintage fabric for just $3, and it's all great!  I got some beautiful springy colors and some nice floral prints.  And you guys know how I feel about a good floral! 
  • I found a sweet wall-mounted cabinet that is about 6 inches tall with sliding glass doors for only $10.  Haven't bought it yet, but I'm going to take the bf there to see if he's in agreement on how awesome it is.  If so, it will probably grace our home bar area.  Cool.
  • I also scored a practically full bottle of soy-based paint remover, which came recommended to me very highly, and it was only $1!
  • I get up to the checkout, prepared to spend a whopping $5 on my purchases, soy paint remover, a heaping  bag of vintage fabric, and a sweet family history book that will be great for the booth at the antique mall and who forgot their wallet?  Me, that's who.  Embarassing.  I ooze back to the antique mall to borrow a few bucks from my loving boyfriend.  (Thanks Matt!)
  • When I return to pay for my purchases, I leave my keys at the counter, causing the cashier, who already knows I'm a big dummy, to chase me out into the parking lot.  (Thank-you, you kind, kind soul!) She was really so sweet about it all.
  • Here's the best part!  Drumroll please............................. After getting my long-lost keys and loading my wares into my teeny tiny car, I see that the paint remover has started to leak all over my dress.  COULD THIS DAY GET ANY BETTER?   It's soaking right now in a mixture of cold water and dish soap, so we'll see if it is indeed ruined.  Cross your fingers for me!  
2) What the heck, perma-cloud cover?!  I just need one day of bright sunlight to take some decent photos, please!  All of my photos have been turning out like the ones in today's blog post and it's driving me bonkers.  I'm sure there's also something weird I've done to my camera settings to exacerbate the problem.  Yeesh! 

Oh, btw, these photos are EDITED!   That's how bad they were originally.  

3) Moodswing time:  How much do you love this sweater?!  It's got embroidered horses all over it!  Since you can't tell from the photos, I'll describe it to you a little bit.  It's cashmere.  Score.  The background color is a great navy, and I'm a sucker for navy.  Did I mention, there are tiny horses all over it?  Oh, I did?  Sorry to repeat myself, but good gravy, it's covered in tiny horses!!!!  The one on the back is rolled over on its back (laughing out loud, I like to think). 

 Fortunately, in all of today's shenanigans, the sweater emerged unscathed.  My shoes, however, also got a bit of damage.  Oh, the price you pay to save a little money on home improvement. 

Thanks for reading my emo blog post!  I promise, the next one will be a little bit more even-keel.  Maybe I can even get some well-lit photos of that sweater!  



  1. oh no!!!! i hope you can resurrect the dress! i hate when i buy something and on my first wear, i ruin it. and it happens often :( but i do love the sweater!

  2. Oh, it happens all too often to me too. If you should ever find yourself covered in soy based paint thinner, and I hope you don't, I think a soak in dish detergent might do the trick.


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