Friday, January 14, 2011

The Laziest Gal in Town

*DISCLAIMER:  I wrote this post a couple of weeks ago.  I just can't perfect it, so here it is in all of its crazy-faced glory. Thanks for your understanding.  

It's a new year!  I couldn't be happier to ring in 2011, because I see nothing but beauty and growth on the horizon.  But as Matt and I lazed about on the couch just a few days earlier, watching a classic , I found my fears were being sung to me.  In 2011, I don't want to be the laziest gal in town. 

While I can't say that I absorbed the intricate details of the film ( unlike my film buff bf ), I was struck by Marlene Dietrich's number in StageFright.

She sings of being "the laziest girl in town" with a voice not to unlike that of the famous Andy Warhol muse Nico. If you happened to hear Terry Gross' interview with LCD Soundsystem's frontman James Murphy, then, this singing might strike you as especially noteworthy. The deepness of her voice is wonderfully exaggerated and theatrical.

In the Fresh Air interview, James talks about how he returned to the music scene after taken a couple of years off, at the ripe age of 28.  He returned to the scene as someone with more wisdom and personal direction, but felt like he was literally losing his edge, as he describes in the song.  
The lovely Marlene Dietrich strikes me as a bit mature to be playing the Hollywood starlet, but is perfectly cast in this roll.  I heard parts of the interview LCD Soundsystem interview on the way to work, and then found myself watching Stage Fright this evening, and couldn't help draw the parallel between Marlene Dietrich and "Losing my Edge." The gracefully aging Marlene still remains fabulous, however. 

I know it's confusing, but somehow, I just drew the parallel.  If you happen to listen to the interview, please let me know if you think I'm crazy. 


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  1. All I know is that I want perfect finger waves surrounded by luxurious fur, and if that takes schtupping the LCD Sound System guy and then buying Terry Gross a latte, I'm in.


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