Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Critter Friendly Fashion: Crocfauxdile

On a little thrifting trip for the shop, along with a lady you may know as the Carnivorous Deer, I found a cute little pair of shoes for me!  It was a small victory, but sometimes a new pair of shoes can change your outlook on the whole world... or at least your whole wardrobe.  Am I right?

My lovely new shoes are shiny, deep, dark purpley-brown, and just plain chic. The best part is that they are an embossed crocodile pattern, heretofore to be known as crocfauxdile.   While I can't take credit for coining this quippy term, I would like to be remembered as the first one to embrace it. Wordsmith cred goes to Matt

To celebrate our new term, and its reptilian origins, let's take a look at the toothy-grinned creatures in their most fashion-forward applications. 

Lions and crocodiles?  Oh my.  Snatch this beauty up here 

Fabulous faux.  Get these lovelies before the predators do. 
Behold, the rare golden crocfauxdile.
Get gussied up with this crocfauxdile around your waist.

Well, that was fun.  But if you didn't like these pieces, there's tons of other crocfauxdile out there, so go hunt some down! 

- Amber

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