Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Yesterday started out slow, but finished up fabulous! My getting dressed process was a bit more inspired than usual, but I had a big day ahead of me, with the two-hour drive to my sister's house.
There's that bag again. I'm just obsessed with that vintage beaded bag. I purchased it for the shop, and it will probably show up there some day, but I'm not sure how soon. That's the only vintage piece. Cardigan and embroidered sweater, thrifted, shoes and socks are from NineWest two and one year ago respectively. Skirt, target, via Plato's Clost and tights, Betsy Johnson.

On the road trip I got some fantastic pieces for the shop. I officially have my work totally cut out for me. To help with the over-stock, I'm planning a vintage party for November 22nd. Wine, snacks, and vintage! Complete with a gift-wrapping station. Proceeds are going toward the traveling vintage project. Matt and I are saving up to move into a camper and tour the country, selling vintage, seeing the sites, being creative, and living the dream. If you're in Bloomington or near by, please plan to come over on November 22nd.



  1. Cute, cute, and cute! At first I thought you were wearing over the knee socks over your tights, but now I'm thinking it's a trompe d'oeil. Either way, I approve!


  2. love that bag! you should use it all the time.



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