Monday, November 8, 2010

First "What I Wore" post!

Today was an undeniably beautiful day, no jackets necessary. It inspired me to put forth a little effort, which was nice after spending another lone weekend in winery logo wear. It isn't great, but I thought it was bloggable. This is my FIRST "what I wore" post, so they'll get better with time. My outfit includes:
a sweet little red 70s dress with WHITE SEAGULLS all over it (!)
a fantastic 1960s beaded handbag
a blush lacy slip peeking out around the hem
and some great boots from TootiesCloset, a great shop on Etsy with a killer selection of boots and handbags at no-brainer prices.

Speaking of getting better with time, I picked up a bottle of 2007 Creekbend Chambourcin, which will be an absolutely lovely wine. The local co-op carries a couple of Oliver Winery's estate wines, and 2007 is officially two vintages ago. I'm excited for its silky, subdued raspberry goodness. A quick visit to the local salvation army turned up some great knitwear, a couple of lovely dress, and a totally steampunk/art deco waffle maker. Coming soon to PirateVintage and BirdsChasingBugs.

What a great afternoon!

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