Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Throw a dinner party.

In the midst of the throes of my summer projects, I have realized that my home has descended into utter chaos. Personally, I don't mind working amongst the clutter, but even I have my limits! I read a fantastic tip for house cleaning motivation: THROW A DINNER PARTY FOR YOUR FRIENDS! Brilliant. I don't want anyone to see my house in the state that it's in, so I'm going to schedule a get-together with some of my closest pals. I'll probably stock the table with some local wines and delicious, adventurous light fare. Maybe I'll spring for some fresh flowers from the farmer's market. My favorite part is that I'll be busting out some of the fancier vintage wares hidden away in my kitchen.
Is it time to tidy up your nest? Schedule your own dinner party! The deadline can be a really great motivator to tie up the loose ends on your summer projects. These beautiful BirdsChasingBugs housewares are there for you if you're craving something fancy to spruce up your home.

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