Tuesday, July 6, 2010

So the 4th of July has passed. We've seen our fireworks and had our giant barbecues. What's left on your summer agenda? Every year, after the 4th of July, it seems like our summers fly by! Here's my summer-time list:

  • go on a roadtrip - check
  • go to the quarries - check
  • go to the lake - check, but needs to be done several more times!
  • set up my Etsy "studio space" - NEEDS ATTENTION
  • eat some hot dogs - a girl's work is never done in this area
  • find some fantastic boots for the shop for fall - in progress
  • organize my inventory
  • have an art show - the proposal is in the drafting process
  • get some paintings on Etsy
  • release the "grumpy birds" upcycled line - way behind on this one!
  • oh yeah, re-do my entire bathroom - starts tomorrow
Well, you get the point. It's time to carpe diem, ladies and gentlemen! The clock is ticking.

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