Sunday, May 8, 2011

BAM! Update

The antique mall where we sell our housewares is nicknamed BAM, short for the Bloomington Antique Mall.  I can't help but think about how perfect this is.  My Deer Kara (misspelling intended) has called me Bam all throughout college, and, well, I think it's fate at work.  Last weekend Matt and I found ourselves at a warehouse sale of abandoned storage, and we got some great stuff!  Some is destined for the antique mall, some of it is already in a new home, and one great piece is destined for Etsy workspace greatness, so here's an update of BAM treasures:

These rolling wonders didn't last long!  They have already found a happy new home.  I've replaced these with some SWEET orange velvet chairs.  New pics are in order already!  

This sweet little cabinet is solid wood with a veneered top, and at $49, it should find a happy new home soon.  

TIES TIES TIES!  I found this amazing vertical chrome compression rod at an estate sale a couple of weeks ago for just $1, and it's the perfect display piece for a picky antique mall that won't let us put even one nail in the ceiling.  

A wealth of post cards, most with stamps and messages, from the 40s - 60s.

We still have this great little sewing chair.  

I think turquoise glass is my new obsession.  

I'm pretty sure I actually want to keep this piece.  It's a HUGE needlwork scene of a forrest floor with some knotted sculptural elements.  Breathtaking! 

Lots of warm lighting for your home.  

Vera Neumann, you make a mean place mat.  

As always, if you see something that you can't live without but you live far from us, please leave a comment, and we can arrange a shipment!  Thanks for visiting my blog.


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