Wednesday, April 6, 2011


There are a couple of dirty secrets I need to share with you guys, so why not air them all out in one post? 

Confession number one:  Here's the OTHER side of my office
It's a glorious mess, really.  I've just gotten the office set up, and unless you have a great skill for organizing (as I clearly do NOT), these things just take time, don't they?  

Confession number two:  I have a vintage mistress, and her name is "Bloomington Antique Mall." Here are some of the photos from my booth!  

Welcome to our humble new abode!  That there is a 1956 Viko chair with a tilting back, $65.  There's also about 5 yards of that great fern-print fabric dangling from the ceiling, $24.  
 1950s matchbooks.  Some are so incredibly un-PC, $1 each, but I don't think I can ship these.

 A set of frosty floral mugs, $16, and a great plug-in mantle clock, $25.
 Check out this springy chair.  The flexible red mesh is amazing, and the chrome is oh-so-shiny. $40.

If you happen to be in Bloomington, Indiana, please stop by and check it out!  Of course, if you're not located nearby and you see something that you just can't live without, please comment below.  Shipping arrangements can be made through Etsy, provided I can figure out how to ship it.

It feels so good to come clean.  

Until next time, XO,

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  1. I'm loving the flexible mesh chair, I've never come across anything like it! We stopped in the Bloomington Antique Mall a few weeks ago and loved it:) I wish we could stop in more often, loved the vibe of the place and your space.

    Have a good day! ~Elisa


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