Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Tardy Holiday Toast

I'll still be traveling for the next couple of days, but can't wait to get back home to work on the new Etsy shop, OfAFeahterIllustrate.  Plus, I've got tons of great new things to put up in BirdsChasingBugs.  So here's a late holiday photo-toast.  

It was a creative Christmas, with presents wrapped in construction paper and sticky tack, 

and on-the-spot Sarah Vowell impressions.

We're in Illinois visiting Matt's family for a couple of days.  These are the beautiful bluffs along the side of the Mississippi River.  There may be a couple of eagles in this photo.  And what's that splat, you say? Well, we drove under the most massive flock of bird I've ever seen.  We'll call it a battle wound.  

So, these are our best funny faces, and they'll have to do, for now.  

Cheers and happy New Years!
Amber (and Matt)


  1. I love Wordy Shipmates! Looking forward to your new shop-Happy New Year!!

  2. Thanks Juliet! I am still working on another book I recevied, The New Kings of NonFiction, but after that, I'll be digging into Wordy Shipmates.

    Happy New Year to you too!


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