Monday, October 25, 2010


When fall arrives, I always have a craving to mix it up with some menswear. The prospect of layering makes my heart go all a-flutter. Ruffles with knife pleats. Plaids with florals. Vests with v-necks. Bomber jackets. I just love adding a little menswear to the mix. These are some of my favorites on Etsy right now. Go ahead, androgynize.

If you want to put all of these items at once, like I do, you can find them here:
* Fabulous Grandpa Sweater on 10th Avenue East, a shop that has a fresh, yet classy mix of vintage

* Amazing High-waisted Wool Blend Pants on HumpAStuff, a shop whose name suggests that there is some adult content (and there is), but that also has a bold collection of vintage apparel and housewares

* Gorgeous Silk Blouse on GreatestFriend, and one of my personal favorites, a shop with quality hand-selected timeless pieces

* UNBELIEVABLE Deadstock Oxfords on kakronti's Bummertown, a shop run by a lovely lady here in my home town

* Totally unique Elk Cufflinks on PossumGully, a shop I'm hoping to see more of in the future


  1. Thank you so much for having such great taste! Androgyny is my ideal so I LOVE your styling!! My sweater is in excellent company and feels right at home! I will definitely be following your blog and I will do a shout out on mine and send a link back:)

  2. i love this post and for being featured too! Thank you, menswear is so wonderfully ladylike!

  3. I'm a big Ben Sherman fan so these pants, branded Sir for Her, caught my eye. You are right - they are fresh and blend perfectly with all the current frills. Your blog is so right, NOW! I love it! Thank you kindly for the shout out above and the inspiring convo. A special thanks for your special attention to my erotic plush, xoxo.

  4. Those oxfords make my heart die... in a good way.

    Kara of Carnivorous Deer Vintage


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