Thursday, October 14, 2010

Following a thread

After a manageable day at work, I arrived home with enough energy to sink my teeth into an episode of Art21. Marathon consumption of this television show is just not possible for me. I watch this series slowly, for fear that if I tried to take it all in at once, my brain might explode out the top of my head. Episode 2, season 1 introduced me to Ann Hamilton, whose work I found compelling, varied, and exploratory. Her ability to take a concept and translate it into something both profound and accessible is nothing short of magic.
The thing that I identified so strongly with is the fact that she is an artist, not through medium, but through the exploration of a thread of ideas. Ann manages to meander through her artistic notions. The suit above, a simple mens suit covered in toothpicks, originally caught my attention. What a strange combination of materials. How did she join the two? How on earth did she get into that suit?! I immediately identified with this artist because I can see that she is constantly creating in problems, and then solving them, just to keep things fresh.

Ann Hamilton's work seems wrought with possibility, and as I prepare to enter a large-scale adventure of my own, I am sure I will be looking to her work as my inspiration.

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