Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gaga for Silver and Gold Lamay

Ok, no matter what your musical tastes, you must admit that there's something to love about Lady Gaga. She throws in a steampunk piece every now and then, and her videos remind me a lot of Matthew Barney. So, here are some links to items in my Etsy shop that can help you achieve this dripping-in-metallics-and-craziness without being too out-of-this-world to wear to work. Try these Italian-made silver sandals on for size. Craving a flat? How about these gold mesh ballet flats? BirdsChasingBugs is also currently offering a classic 60s era silver clutch for the classier dame who wants to channel the Gaga. You can pick up these molten silver Capezios for day-to-day comfort.

The possibilities are endless!

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